Permaculture with Sepp Holzer

by admin on April 10, 2013


 Spring is always busy.  The highlight this spring has been a permaculture workshop in Bozeman MT with the master wizard Sepp Holzer from Austria.  I have been studying Sepp’s books for a little over a year and am very inspired by his work.  He is bringing abundant life back to desertified land all over the world.  His courses fill quickly, so when I was accepted into the course in Bozeman I knew that I just had to go.  With the help of my daughter and executive assistant, I was on my way!

The course was held on a property just north of Bozeman.  The owner, along with friends are just starting to turn this farmland into a permaculture haven.  Sepp showed us how to find a spring on the land and then how to develop it to make the water available.  We also learned how to make a hugelkultur bed.  This was so awesome because a raised bed like this is designed to need very little watering, even in dry climates.


In Sepp’s newest book, “Desert or Paradise:  Renaturing Endangered Landscapes, Integrating Diversified Aquaculture, and Creating Biotopes” you can learn the details about how to build hugle beds.  It is a simple process, yet there are many details that are important.  Following directions in the book will help the learning curve go more smoothly, and a successful abundant harvest is your reward!  There are great and inspiring photos of abundant hugle beds in Sepp’s book.  If you look around on the internet you will also find information and photos of many of his projects around the world.  It is mind blowing! So now the work begins!  Sepp would most likely describe my land as a “pine desert.”  It is pretty, yet mostly pine trees.  This is not a healthy forest.  My work is to thin the pines (which needs to happen for forest fire safety anyway), and add fruit and nut trees as well as many other types of plants.  Basically to create a “permaculture food forest” and I will use hugle beds to prepare the land for planting.

It is early spring and there is still time to get some new beds going this year.  We will be mixing both perennial and annual plants in our hugle beds.  Will keep you posted!

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