Hoop houses and soil building ideas!

by admin on February 13, 2013

hoop house


To get a head start on the growing season this year, why not try a simple hoop house?  They are inexpensive and simple to make.  And they last a long time.  We had one for four years and the heavy plastic was still doing fine.  We moved and now we are getting ready to build a new one.

You can learn how to extend your growing season in both spring and fall in your hoop house with the help of one of my favorite gardening author’s book, Four Season Harvest by Elliot Coleman.  He has really figured it out, so there is no need to re-invent the wheel!  All of his books are great.
In the summer months you can also use your hoop house to house your heat loving plants like tomato’s, peppers, melons, etc.  They will reward you with an abundant harvest!  I have also kept salad greens (including kale) going all year long in a hoop house by adding shade cloth at one end of the hoop and making sure that ventilation was really good.
Another thing to work on this time of year is getting your garden beds ready.  We have had some nice days that I’ve been able to work on this already, but we still get snowy weather on and off.  I get out in the garden on nice days and it feels so good to get outside!  This year I’m going to be planting as early as I can to make the most of our growing season.
We’ve all hear this before:  The Secret is in the Soil.  Yes, it is true.  Anyone can grow awesome fresh veggies, fruits, and flowers if they have good soil!
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Happy Gardening!
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