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paintedmountaincornPainted Mountain Corn
(Zea mays)

A tender Annual. Certified organic! Short stout plants mature two weeks before other ornamental corn varieties. It is bred to be the hardiest in the world. It grows sleek 7 inch ears. Eat as sweet corn, hominy, or save for flour. The bright orange, gold, red, and purple colors make beautiful harvest decorations. Sow seeds in garden beds outdoors one week after last frost. Tolerates high winds, cold nights, and drought. Corn is high in protein and many minerals. 70 days to maturity. 20 seeds in regular packet. 4 seeds in sample packet.


sweetcornOld Fashion Double Standard Sweet Corn
(Zea mays)

This is a great bicolor, open-pollinated sweet corn. Certified organic! Early maturing, with strong germination in cool soil. For northern gardeners, especially seed-savers. Good sized, avg. 7″, ears with 12-14 rows of yellow and white kernels, some ears with yellow kernels only. Wonderful traditional corn flavor. Vigorous 5′ plants. Annual, 75 days to maturity. Regular packet contains approximately 60 seeds. 4 seeds in sample packet.


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