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DSC01605Circle of Life Organic Seeds was started by Kate, a seasoned organic gardener with 35 years of gardening experience in various areas of the US.  By her side is her lovely daughter, Lark, who is a wiz at computer skills and is a budding gardener herself!  Together they bring to you the very finest quality seeds available for your garden!  Our vision is to grow this into a garden of various colorful participants of organic gardening, plant lovers, and simple living experts and offering you the latest products and innovations in the world of organic gardening.

Have you ever noticed that it is hard to find seeds that are both Certified Organic and also Heirloom or Open-pollinated?  It’s easy to find Heirloom seeds these days.  That is awesome.  Yet we also want to use Certified Organic seeds.  We’ve had trouble finding this superior quality of seed for our own garden and took it upon ourselves to research and source the highest quality seeds possible!  We’ve also been suprised to find that many certified organic market farmers are using hybrid seeds.  That means that you cannot save the seeds from those awesome organic veggies that you are buying!  This is what you can count on from us: ALL of our seeds are both Certified Organic and either Heirloom or Open-pollinated varieties!  That is ALL that we are going to carry!

Another problem that we have been embracing for many years is that seeds are expensive!  All those seed packets every year…… it adds up!  This is the normal scenario for us for many years:  To purchase fresh seeds every year it is a bit of an investment.  Ok, so we make it priority and order the seeds we want.  The seeds arrive and we end up only using a small percentage of the seeds in the packets.  Our solution to this is to make seed packets that have less seed in each packet at half the price!  (If you want more seeds, just order more packets!)  AND we are offering sample packets at a very low cost so that you can try those varieties that you have always wanted to…without spending so much of your hard earned money!

We also offer a couple of survival seed collections which contain the most common garden seeds for great fresh eating and also storage, along with herbs and flowers.

We write a weekly newsletter to help you with seasonal ideas about how to grow the best garden ever!  We will also cover information about various styles of gardening, such as Permaculture and Biodynamics.

We will continue to add new seed varieties and also soil ammendments and other gardening necessities.  Keep an eye on our website and our newsletter for announcements!

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness,

Your Friends at Circle of Life Organic Seeds

Your source for the very best vegetable, herb, and flower seeds available!

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